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【329·The Wall Street Oasis·HEDGE FUND INTERVIEW PREP COURSE】​͏ ●【完结】01.Master ALL of the Hedge Fund Concepts02.Research Specific Hedge Funds03.Nail Your

【329·The Wall Street Oasis·HEDGE FUND INTERVIEW PREP COURSE】​͏ ●【完结】01.Master ALL of the Hedge Fund Concepts02.Research Specific Hedge Funds03.Nail Your Investment Pitch04.Prepare Quickly and Level Up05.Master the HF Case Interview06.Get Exclusive Inside Info on 100+ Hedge Funds07.Build a High Impact Network看看 HF 老兵是么怎‬用 WSO 视频库做的到‬。你会发现业专‬的对冲金基‬投资如者‬何回答相同的问,题‬你将问被‬到与 30 +小时对基冲‬金的具体频视‬。19800《The Wall Street Oasis·HEDGE FUND INTERVIEW PREP COURSE》限时众筹329

The Wall Street Oasis


814 questions across 165 hedge funds. Crowdsourced from over 900,000 members.
And trusted by over 1,000 aspiring hedge fund professionals just like you.


Master ALL of the Hedge Fund Concepts

Hedge funds aren’t looking for robots… they want to know that you understand the industry, that you can solve problems, handle stress, manage a P&L and are a fit for their firm… You’ll discover how to master all of these concepts – even if you only have a few days to prepare…

Research Specific Hedge Funds

You’ll have access to over 800 hedge fund interview questions across 150+ hedge funds organized by position, so you can focus your preparation on what matters most…

Nail Your Investment Pitch

With 11 Detailed Sample Pitches and 10+ hours of video so no matter what type of hedge fund you are interviewing at, you won’t leave a single stone unturned and will be 100% prepared for anything they throw at you…

Prepare Quickly and Level Up

With Detailed Industry and Recruiting Overview, showing you exactly what you need to know in order to demonstrate a true passion for the industry… master the key concepts and stack your learning for maximum preparation in the shortest amount of time possible…

Master the HF Case Interview

With 10+ Hours of Additional Hedge Fund Cases, you’ll discover exactly how to walk through your own deals with confidence… and be ready for on-the-spot cases to prove you’re cut out for hedge funds

Get Exclusive Inside Info on 100+ Hedge Funds

With the WSO Company Database, you’ll get exclusive data on compensation, interviews and employee reviews for hundreds of funds… access over 800 interview insights… so you’ll know exactly which firms and positions are right for you…

Build a High Impact Network

With 15+ Hours of video tutorials… for LinkedIn, Emailing and Cold Calling… so you can get 3x your response rate, land more interviews and get support from HF professionals on the inside, even if you are not from the traditional IB or consulting background…

See how HF veterans have done it with the WSO Video Library

You’ll discover how professional hedge fund investors have answered the very same questions you’ll be asked with 30+ hours of hedge fund-specific videos… Watch detailed Q&A’s and sample cases… so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t…


Our customers have landed positions at all of the top hedge funds, including:The Wall Street Oasis·HEDGE FUND INTERVIEW PREP COURSE课程百度网盘 – 资源下载

Student Reviews

This is the best resource I’ve seen for hedge fund recruiting since you have the context of the industry that gave me the big picture and the example pitches that allowed me to fine-tune my own thesis I was using for my HF interviews.”

    Michael M.Result: HF Analyst @ L/S fund in CT

“The course has been super valuable. It dramatically expanded my knowledge to help me get a job at a hedge fund when I was working in corp fin and I knew very little about the industry. I’m a big fan. Thank you. I honestly feel like this course made the difference.”

    Luke B.Result: Investor @ Credit Fund in HK

“The odds were against me for HF recruiting even though I had managed to break into a reputable MM investment bank. I had a few informational interviews but was having trouble getting “official interviews”, even after talking with a bunch of recruiters. After taking this course, my hit rate increased dramatically. I landed more informational interviews. More importantly, when I finally started landing real interviews, I was able to make the most of it and landed an offer with just the third fund I met with – I really think this package helped me understand the industry better and what makes a strong case study.

    Brian R.Result: Analyst @L/S Fund in New York

“This course is a comprehensive guide of hedge funds and the tough recruiting involved to break in. It makes a great foundation to make sure you understand all different types of funds and the full industry, but also helps you develop your own trade ideas by watching the cases. I felt very confident in my interviews because I knew what to expect and I knew how the interviewer was likely to approach my investment pitch. I was able to land a job at a reputable fund shortly after prepping with this course. I recommend it to all my good friends.”

    Sergio S.Result: Analyst @ Top Credit Fund in New York

Get the Hedge Fund Interview Course Certification

After completing the course, all students will be granted the WSO Hedge Fund Certification. Use this certificate as a signal to employers that you have the hedge fund and investment skills to immediately add value to your team.

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical program for success in finance careers.  Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to highlight your skills and strengthen your profile as a candidate.

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